Still Accepting Applications for Fall Residencies!

Sable Artist Residency Application


This year we are offering three different residency options:

Summer: Full for 2018

This residency is targeted at younger artists of all disciplines in their 20's and 30's seeking a place to explore their creative process, form community, collaborate, and recharge or boost their life as an artist. Residencies are 1-2 months from June through August. 

Fall: Still accepting applications!

This residency is for adult artists of all ages, but specifically targeted at artists confident in their creative processes, and willing to work on solo projects. Applicants will be asked to outline a project they are interested in working on in the application. Residencies are 3 weeks long in both September and October.

Guest Artist: Full for 2018

This residency is for professional artists or groups of artists looking for a shorter residency opportunity to work on a specific project, start a new creative endeavor, or put the finishing touches on a work. Guest artists are asked to teach a workshop, provide critical feedback to other residents on their work, and present their work either in a public or private forum. Residencies range from 2 days to 1 week in length, and can happen anytime June through October.

Deadline for Fall Artist Applications is June 1st at 11:59 PM EST. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis so apply now as we may have filled the spots before then! (Note: there is no deadline for Guest Artist applicants)


Sable is off-the-grid! Artists will be provided with a tent platform. They are expected to bring their own tent and outdoor gear. Other than that we have a communal kitchen, dragon oven, running, potable water, and a new bathhouse (complete with shower and flushing toilet!) to round out the amenities - what more could you want? Sable provides food and general art supplies to all Artists.

What Sable Provides: 

  • Water
  • Food
  • Tent platform
  • Communal kitchen 
  • Bath house with flushing toilet and shower 
  • Basic art supplies 

What You Provide: 

  • Tent
  • Basic camping equipment 
  • Art supplies specific to your practice


Artists are welcome to bring a car. The road up to Sable is pretty rough though, so low-clearance cars are not ideal (although they will work just fine). If no car, there are multiple buses and trains that get you within 45 minutes of Sable, and from there we can coordinate a ride to pick you up. In keeping true to our mission to live simply, we ask that artists keep trips off the Sable Land and the use of any electronics to a minimum.