The Three Sable Pillars

  • Collaboration and community
  • Embodied, rewarding work
  • Sustainability and environmental awareness

Collaboration and Community

Rather than always working on individual projects, the artists of The Sable Project work collaboratively, guided along the way by Creative Director Otto Pierce. This does not mean a lack of individual creation – in fact, we believe it is essential in any kind of collaboration – but the group is a team. This extends beyond the creative work to everyday life where we work to facilitate a supportive and tight-knit community among the residents that will hopefully create peers and friends far beyond the time spent at Sable.


The residents are asked to fully immerse themselves in the act of living and creating at the Sable Land. The foundation will be 9-12 hours of farm work each week. Beyond that will be basic construction projects, kitchen duties, and general upkeep of the land. Engaging their bodies and minds, the work is meant to deepen their connection to place as well as form stronger bonds between the participants.


By living off-grid and growing most of our own food, we live more mindfully and less impactfully than many. Our goal is to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, further our understanding of it, and constantly work to diminish our footprint.


UPDATE: This position has been filled for 2015.

Currently we are seeking a Farm Manager for the 2015 growing season. Our perfect candidate would be someone able to start in April and stay on until the end of October. Farming experience is necessary. You will work closely with founder Otto Pierce, first establishing the garden in the spring, then taking on full management once the residency begins. Your duties will be:

  • Field work: Planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting.
  • CSA management: Make sure CSA shares are ready for weekly pick-up.
  • Labor management: Assign tasks to the artists when they work in the garden. (Caution: trying to wrangle artists is not easy!)
  • Building soil: This is the most important - we are looking for someone willing to work towards building our freshly broken wood's soil into fertile garden dirt. Are you interested in researching sustainable forms of agriculture, managing cover crops and crop rotation, building your knowledge of farming, and then immediately applying it? Then you just might be the perfect fit.

While we cannot offer very cozy accommodations, we can offer rough housing (think slightly better than camping) and food if you wish to live at Sable. As for pay, we will work with you to come up with a stipend that works for all parties. We are considering offering a percentage of earnings from the farm as a salary, which can be negotiated. To apply, fill out the form below with the Subject "Sable Farm Manager." Looking forward to hearing from you! Deadline to apply is January 20th.

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