Now Accepting Applications for our Director of Health and Wellness Position


The Director of Health and Wellness is responsible for, well, exactly that! You will help manage the everyday needs of the resident artists (nutritional, physical, emotional), the upkeep of communal spaces (kitchen, bathhouse, mini-studios, etc), and the design and implementation of the flow of shared tasks (cooking, cleaning, etc). We pride ourselves on creating vibrant and healthy community, both within our residency programs and with the local community of Stockbridge and surrounding towns. Above all your tasks will be fostering a sense of home and creating a place where all have the chance to grow and thrive. Please read through our website (about, apply, etc) to familiarize yourself with our residency program before applying.

For the 2019 season, we ask the Director to arrive May 25th (one week before the June Residency begins) for training, to familiarize yourself with Sable, and to prepare for the start of the residency season. The position ends on September 30th. There is a one week break at the beginning of September. This is a paid position.

Note: There are elements of the below “Responsibilities” that may seem daunting, but know that you will be working with various other team members that will help orient you to the space and share their experience with you.


  • Embodying Sable’s values of art, the environment, and community

  • Checking in with Residents on physical and emotional wellbeing and offering advice and/or resources if needed. Modeling open communication.

  • Designing and implementing best practices for communal living at Sable including hygiene, safety, conduct for living on the land off-the-grid, use of the kitchen and other shared spaces, water usage, and food storage.

  • Creating a roster for housekeeping tasks including cooking, dish washing, general clean up, recycling, trash, and land upkeep. It is also important to demonstrate and articulate clearly the correct implementation of these tasks for every new resident artist. Signs, charts and other visual aids are strongly encouraged.

  • Assessing the dietary needs of the residents and keeping track of allergies and intolerances; creating clear food labels for jars and other containers; designating zones in the kitchen for special items; and keeping emergency allergy medication accessible.

  • Bulk food shopping at least twice a month.

  • Assessing and updating the First Aid kit as needed.

  • Being familiar with our permitting guidelines and regulations.

  • Participating in the daily life at Sable, leading by example.

  • Visioning for Sable’s future Sustainability Programs.


  • Must have experience managing and/or cooking food for large groups

  • Experience moderating and leading in shared or communal living situations

  • Experience with emotional management, training, etc

  • Must have a personal vehicle (business travel will be reimbursed)

  • First aid training/wilderness safety training is a plus, CPR certification highly encouraged

To Apply:

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