Apply Here for our Residency Coordinator Position


Be Sofie and do all the things.


  • Designing the creative agenda for the season including collaborative and individual projects.

  • Designing and/or leading the design of posters, postcards, flyers, and other Sable related printed matter.

  • Coordinating guest artist workshops including vetting and inviting guest artist and assisting in the planning and implementation of such workshops.

  • Calling and organizing regular meetings/check-ins with the resident artists about the progress of collaborative and individual work.

  • Assessing the resident artists’ material needs including art supplies, special equipment, or suitable technology.

  • Researching and providing information about (non-conflicting) opportunities for the resident artists within the local community including gigs, calls for work, summer camps, etc.

  • Providing a helping hand and a willing collaborator on group projects.

  • Frequent communication with The Sable Team about the direction of the creative work.


  • You must be Sofie

How to Apply:

Fill out the form below and send us your Resume. Make sure it is fire.

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