The Sable Project is a different kind of artist residency. 
Seeking artists of all disciplines, it is off-grid, environmentally engaged, grounded by physical work, collaborative, and designed to provide a platform from which our artists can launch or hone their careers. The project is meant to be organic, and each summer unique, as the residency evolves through the input of everyone involved. There is no expectation other than to work hard. Seeking the unknown is encouraged, excitement is necessary, and daring is required.

The Sable Project is designed to unleash creativity by removing the usual obstacles that keep artists from creating- space, time, and supplies- while providing new influences in an inspiring environment. 

By placing our Artists in an off-grid living situation that is usually an extreme departure from their normal lives (that means no electricity, internet or even cell phone service), we aim to challenge them, break down routine creative habits, and guide Artists to build up new and exciting processes instead. This project takes those involved out of their comfort zone, asks them to work in innovative ways, engage deeply with their surroundings, and embrace the unknown.

A Bit More Information!

Accessibility: The Sable Land is inherently a difficult location to provide the best accessibility to all individuals. That said, we are working hard to always look for ways to improve in this regard. Our kitchen, stage, mini-studios, and bathhouse are all equipped with ramps, we have improved our parking and circulation, and we are happy to accommodate anyone in any way we can. If you have more questions, please email us from our Contact page!