In our first season we were featured on the front page of The Herald as well as in Burlington's Seven Days. More to come!


The Herald, Randolph, VT, May 15, 2014:
Sable Project' Hopes to Make Creative Space in Nature

Photo Credit: Tim Calabro


Seven Days, Burlington, VT, July 30, 2014:
An Artist Residency in Stockbridge Takes Shape

Photo Credit: Ben Deflorio


Newswhistle, February 16, 2015: 
Interview with Project Manager Jessica Lee

Photo credit: Ben DeFlorio

Photo credit: Idris + Tony

Photo credit: Sarah Priestap

Valley News, August 21, 2019: Highlights: Performances from off the grid

Photo: Eli Hooker and Maggie Segale by Sofie Rose Seymour. Masks by Roberta Guido.