Founder; Executive & Creative Director

Otto Pierce is a native Vermonter, born at home before the midwife got there. Having grown up in the middle of the woods, he became an environmentalist by default, a farmer by necessity, and an artist at heart. After buying the land in early 2013, a space that begged for ideas was born, and before long he came up with the idea for The Sable Project. With a lot of hard work and the support of many family and friends, the project became a reality with the start of the 2014 season. 

Otto graduated from Middlebury College with a B.A. in dance. As a sculptor, dancer, and film maker, he explores myth, environment, and what it means to sculpt material, bodies, and space. To see his creative work go to or visit his artist profile, click here.

Director of Operations & Project Manager

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Jessica Lee was born near the Rocky Mountains, grew up ten minutes from Long Island Sound, and now depending on the season, considers Brooklyn, Vermont, and Connecticut her three homes. She is a freelance dance and teaching artist, arts administrator and organizer, production assistant and childcare provider. Her artistic work and teaching practice are grounded in gender, racial, and environmental activism, fueled by the joy of movement, and dedicated to inclusive community building. 

After graduating from Middlebury College in 2013 with a Joint Major in Dance and Environmental Studies, Jessica missed the creative rigor and supportive environment that school had once provided and craved an adventure. The Sable Project was born at just the right moment; she was thrilled to be a part of Sable from its infancy as a Resident Artist in 2014, and considers that summer a transformative experience to her life as an artist.

Now as Sable's Director of Operations/Project Manager, Jessica is both Sable's mom and behind the scenes magician. She specializes in community/audience engagement, crowdfunding, and marketing.

Jessica also loves dark chocolate, sunshine, and cartwheels. To see her artist profile, click here

Artist Residency Coordinator

Sofie Rose Seymour’s favorite picture from her childhood shows her in the middle of a toddlers’ dance class wearing a tutu on her head. She is standing next to a cousin to whom she is not related, who is hanging upside down from the barre. The rest of the class appears to be following instructions. Since that time, Sofie Rose’s artistic practice has been rooted in curiosity, chosen family, questioning the way the world is in order to realize how it can be, and getting into good trouble.

Flirting with tradition as a pre-professional ballet dancer, Sofie Rose earned a State Department scholarship to study at the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow. However, the question of how her art could contribute towards a more just world felt unresolved. This question led her to Harvard, where she designed her own BA in “Social Change and the Arts,” and went on to earn a Master of Education. While at Harvard, she became more deeply involved in justice work around community, identity, and nature. Today, she combines these passions as a high school social studies teacher, cultivating communities of non-disposability and radical imagination, and empowering young people to survive and dismantle systems of oppression.

In 2016, Sofie Rose joined Sable as an Artist in Residence and found it difficult to leave the site of so much everyday magic. She is overjoyed to step into the role of Residency Director, to support the insurrectionary imagination of young people of all ages. To see Sofie Rose’s Sable artist profile, click here.

Director of Health and Wellness

Roberta Guido is so excited to be joining the Sable team! As Director of Health and Wellness, their primary goal is to take care of the bodies and minds of artists residing on The Sable Land. A bodyworker, communicator, and meal maker, Roberta will help foster a healthy Sable community. Drawing from experience as a Sable 2016 Artist, Roberta will be a support that artists can go to for resources or a listening ear; they hope to provide a “soft landing” in the process of getting acquainted with Sable.

In the off-season, Roberta lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA under the moniker R.M. Through movement and dance, performance and education practices, they help others notice and recognize their own full, shifting, expansive, and intricate bodies. Working primarily in improvisation and the creation of characters and experience installations, R.M. strives to layer understandings of mind-body-emotion in a search for more sensitivity and more transformation. You can find them on Instagram at @rmglightentry or see their Sable artist profile here.

Sable Arts Projects, Inc. Board of Directors is currently:
Jeremy Cline, Jessica Lee, Otto Pierce, Tyler Rai, and Kern Samuel.