Fat Dragon Farm

The Sable Project partners with Fat Dragon Farm to provide our residents with local, organic, healthy, and delicious food. Building soil and growing community - these are two of Fat Dragon Farm’s most important goals. FDF grows a large garden, designed to both produce fruits, herbs and vegetables, and create a meditative and healing space. The farm sells at local farmers markets, at our Food and Art showcases, and to local businesses. Growing organically, they incorporate elements of permaculture, biointensive mini-farming, and companion planting to grow tasty and nutritious veggies and herbs in their circular gardens (you have to see them!). All of the artists participate on the farm 6 hours a week through the work-trade program, learning new skills, getting dirty, and eventually, enjoying the fruits of their labors.

Fat Dragon is now in the process of planting a large fruit orchard. This includes many different kinds of fruit trees, raspberries, blueberries, grape vines, elderberries, and more. We are already enjoying fresh fruit alongside our vegetable production, and it couldn't be sweeter!