The Sable Project...
"...was incredibly successful at bringing together young artists and making them feel comfortable and safe enough to create new works of art. There was something magical to being there and knowing that I was there to make art. The amount of time was long enough to let thoughts simmer and ideas bloom, and everyone was incredibly supportive."

At Sable... 
"I learned to kindle a fire and keep it alive." 

How did working and living on the land influence your creative process/practice/artistic work?
"It freed up brain space for more thinking. Crowded city streets and the manic digital vortex of modern life were far, far away." 

The easiest aspect of Sable was...
"Living in a tent! I thought this might be tough but man, it was actually really nice in there. I miss going to bed early and waking up early. The month at Sable has reminded me in a fundamental way that it is possible to live closer to the land, with a lot less, and still feel very comfortable."

Reflecting upon outreach & community engagement:
"Gosh, this was one of my favorite parts of Sable. I loved feeling like a tiny part of this wonderful network of Vermonters. Our tie to the local communities seems extremely important to me. It was a terrific part of my Sable experience."

The most rewarding parts of my Sable experience...
"...were the people I got to meet, teaching at the kids camp and performing in the final showcase. I think with all of these experiences the fruitfulness of sharing what we do, what we know and what we search for is so tangible, that it just reminded me again and again how simple it can be to genuinely engage with a community through the arts, and how nothing feels as nourishing as that authentic effort."

At Sable I learned...
"...that living off-the-grid in nature deeply influences my artistic/creative/personal impulses in ways that aren't triggered while living an urban life. I noticed an increased sense of wholeness, trust and fluidity in my body and in my creative processes. I regard Nature as a primary collaborator thanks to the relationship I began to form with it at Sable in such an immersive way. To sum it up, Nature and Creativity go hand-in-hand, and must be nurtured into the next generations."

The Sable Project is... 
"A Space. A Place. A Community. A Process."

What do you want to tell future Sable Artists?
"I would want any prospective artist to know that it is an intense experience, but one that shapes your next adventures and in the most positive way. That there will be an expectation you will have for future endeavors after being a resident at The Sable Project."

The most rewarding part of Sable...
" summarize it seems unfair, nearly impossible. The land that is so inspiring in its willingness to accept, allow for creation in all of its nooks and crannies. But to be able to pour my being, my heart and soul into its soils and grow not only food but happiness and a healthfulness for those that I cared about was more nourishing and rewarding than anything I've ever experienced before in any place."

The supportive community...
"...that I lived with everyday pushed me to new levels artistically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Being surrounded with a young and creative energy nearly 24 hours a day helped me to reach my goals and sometimes surpass them. I was uncertain of what my goals were when first going into Sable - but to have come out of it more distinguished and confident because of a supportive and freeing environment are goals I never would have thought of obtaining, let alone even thought of before the experience."

"Thank you Sable... the land, the people, the art, thank you for all you have instilled in me and everyone who has been lucky enough to walk the path you offer."

"Sable is... awesome."



Loved it! So glad to see an emphasis on the environment!

 So great to see goals being carried out in unity and joy

What an amazing and ambitious summer!


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In response to a performance on our art walk at the final showcase: 
Wonderful!! Poignant. Thank you.


For returning visitors: What brought you back to Sable?

Magical vibes & work!

Everything you do

Both art & food, and the excellent vibe

Wanted to come back to a group of young people interested in the arts

The performances, the land, the people

The artists and their efforts; art & nature connection

An amazing experience last year, made my whole family come [this time]