Join us: Come for our Final Showcase - an evening of performance, visual art, and delicious pizza and veggies at The Sable Land. On the 28th, 29th, and 30th of August, come see what happens when you bring thirteen artists to the woods for 1 to 3 months with one main directive - Create! This year that has become "Water in the Wood," a culmination of a summer's worth of creative and physical work.  Performance and presentation starts at 4:30pm and will last about two hours. You are then welcome to stick around to meet the artists, eat pizza, and enjoy a bonfire.

All summer long our resident artists have been dancing, painting, writing, drawing, sculpting, acting, and more! Often working collaboratively, the art has crossed disciplines, mixed media, and pushed the residents outside of their comforts zones into exciting new explorations.  Our work is also deeply influenced by place, the environment, our community, and each other.

In addition to presenting our art, we will also be cooking our (dare we be so bold?) super delicious pizza from our dragon oven. Topped with your choice of Cabot cheddar, fresh garden veggies, and select meats, these donation-based pizzas have been a hit all summer long. We will also have veggies, flowers, and herbs for sale, as well as some really awesome Sable merchandise. 


-$5 beforehand. Order online here!

-$8 at the door... if we had doors.

A note about the road: it is a bit rough, so drive slowly and carefully. We will have parking closer to the event for our elders, and overflow parking just up the road.